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Are you ready to take the next step? Great to hear!

Hey, Mike here, founder of ViewMyCar mobile mechanics and great that you stopped by! ViewMyCar are looking for fantastic, caring, personable mechanics in various areas all over Australia that are sick of working dead end jobs, feeling over worked, under paid and under appreciated. We are here for those mechanics that want to take the next step in their career, start a business of your own, meet new people, get out of that workshop environment and finally get that genuine work life balance back and receive a six figure salary all while building your business (and its worth!).

Our team have a genuine drive to help YOU have this dream become a reality with licences available in various areas in Australia. 

- Profitable business model

- Genuine work-life balance

- No commissions taken

- Loyal and happy business Fleet vehicles and other companies ready to book in with you

- Established and reputable company

- Our Experienced Team are available to work with you right away to help achieve

rapid success

- Our team expect a genuine conservative revenue figure for you of $240,000 + in built up areas after the first year of trading (working 5 days per week 38hr week based on actual financials of other ViewMyCar licence businesses)

- Ability to maintain as an owner operator or scale to any size

Before we start, whats a licence Mike?

Great you asked! Im sure that you have heard of franchising right? Yep! You know, the companies selling a franchise only to charge a massive purchase fee, charge you massive commissions on ALL of your sales, lock you into using their parts suppliers, make you show them your financials, create non competes in their contracts, make you have a certain car, uniform, have your website a certain way etc etc..  The list of rules is endless, and if you don't follow them then watch out! It almost seems built for the guy at the top that owns the company and not for the individual Franchisor or something...

Well Licensing is NOT that! We help you create and build YOUR business, the way YOU want to! Our team give you the support you need to start and run your business, and can offer finance for the initial start up. We give you rights to utilise our established and growing name and reputation, our established contacts with parts suppliers if you choose, send you leads that are appropriate to your service area and support you right through the entire process and give you help and support when you need.

Our start up package can assist with anything from website design, SEO, set targets and KPIs, everything you will need to launch you into success. BUT without the commissions paid, hidden fees, tricks or crazy rules! We don't need to view your financials, we won't ask you to purchase parts through us our our suppliers, we won't force you to work a certain way, not now, not ever.  

Our team is here to help YOU. We all have a genuine drive to help as many mechanics get back their work life balance and give them financial freedom. We love seeing you succeed, our core business is genuine care! Oh and did I mention our team are experienced! We have successfully built several automotive businesses over the course of the last 10 years and plan to do the same with you! 

If having a work life balance and a six figure salary isn't enough for you, rest in the fact that you are building a business of worth here people! You have the opportunity to sell your business in the future, pay off the mortgage and finally take your family on that long awaited overseas trip! 

Still interested? 

Awesome! If you:

- Have a genuine drive to help others

- Are a cert 3 qualified light vehicle mechanic

- Have great time management skills

- Are knowledgeable and confident in the service and repair of a range of vehicles 

- Have an Australian drivers licence

- Want to build a great business for yourself, get back that work life balance and earn a six figure salary 

If you answered yes to all 6 of these questions than we want to hear from you! 

Please fill in the below and one of us will be in touch with you soon! 

Lets catch up! 

Thanks for submitting, one of us will be in touch soon!


1 licence currently available at...

Gold Coast QLD

We have an opening available at the Gold Coast QLD. Providing a licence agreement and complete startup assistance. Along with customers ready to start booking with you!