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Sick of the Dealer!? #CANTFOOLME!

New cars are becoming more and more popular in todays society. With pricing down to a minimum, amazing inclusions and extended warranty... Well... Why not? In actual fact, most of the vehicles we service here at ViewMyCar, are new and still under manufacturer warranty... For some new car owners, there seems to be a general misconception regarding new vehicle servicing, guys... "I NEED to take my car back to the dealer to maintain my warranty!" Is a common sentence thrown out there lately. Well, even though dealers may want you to think you must take it back to them, in actual fact, its against the law to decline a warrantable repair because you CHOOSE to take you car to your own trusted mechanic. As long as the mechanic is qualified and using oem parts and approved fluids, theres no issue! Don't be fooled. For used car warranties (apart from the stat warranty required by law), this isn't always the case. Dealers can specify that to maintain your extended warranty (granted by the dealer or third party) you need to take it back to them... But in most cases the extended used car warranty isn't worth the paper its written on (may I say MOST! Not all warranties are poor!) For more information, please consult your dealer and ask them point blank, whats the go man?!

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