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Over 50% believe a NEW vehicle has to go back to the dealer to keep their new car warranty!

One of the most cringe worthy statements professionals hear in the industry is "Oh, my car is new and under warranty, I have to take it back to the dealer if I want to keep my warranty" This, in 99% of cases is absolutely INCORRECT and individuals are incorrect with this thought, but thats ok! People have made you feel that way, either mis informed themselves or car salesman have twisted the words to ensure the scare tactic is placed forward and new owners are to terrified to do differently!

A study was carried out by 'choice' 2 years ago and found that out of 300 individuals surveyed, over 50% believed that their vehicle needed to take their vehicle back to the dealership to maintain the manufacturers warranty. Despite what you were told at the time of purchase you are legally entitled to shop around for the best deal by a qualified mechanic/ mechanical business to complete your logbook service and sign it off accordingly.

Instances where this may change is with a USED car or Paying for an EXTENDED warranty that is dealer specific and not manufacturer related, in which cases, the dealership may place a section in the contract that to maintain these 'ADDITIONAL' warranties, you must come back to us!

New vehicle warranties? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Don't believe us? Do the research for yourself or better still, contact the local dealership and ask the dealer principle point blank and watch them squirm in their seat!

ViewMyCar Mobile Mechanics, we service new vehicles!! And we come to you! No call out fees... EVER! Call us today for more information. Stop paying too much with dealer servicing and "Capped Price Servicing" But thats information for another post!

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