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If YOU tow a trailer with your vehicle and you don't know this, read up!

Great! Now that I have your attention, listen up! Over the past decade we have seen an increase of camper trailers, caravans, single and duel Axel rec trailers and everything in between, increase by their masses, on our Australian Roads. Little do the majority know that there are x4 common weights that, If you are over, and by the latest stats, you probably are! In the event of an accident, you risk heavy fines, loss of licence, loss of insurance coverage and in some cases has landed drivers in prison!

The 4 weights are

1- GTM (Gross trailer mass)

2- GVM (Gross vehicle mass)

3- GCM (Gross combined mass)

4- Tow-ball weight.

If you don't know what these weights are on your vehicle or what they relate to. Read through this article for a detailed explanation of weights! Info all drivers should know if towing.

Stay safe!

Mike- Founding Director ViewMyCar mobile mechanics Sunshine Coast

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