• Mike F

If you have EVER attempted to change your own HEAD LIGHT BULB, you might want to read this...!

Most of us over our driving careers find ourselves in the predicament of a blown headlight bulb! If the headlight assembly doesn't need to be removed (like those pesky Subaru headlight assemblies- Front bar off, headlight wiring off, headlight unbolt etc!) Crazy I know!) Most of us attempt this repair ourselves... One quick tip is to ensure that when handling the new bulb that the glass of the bulb is not touched by bare fingers. Oil residue on our fingers can damage the new bulb etching the glass, reducing it's life significantly due to high temps in standard halogen bulbs! In stead, hold the new bulb by the terminals or base. Another handy hint is to ensure the wattage is correct. A lower wattage bulb may be duller that the other and not match! Good luck!

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