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Hey guys! This is what caused my car A/C to go warm... A REGAS was NOT required and its so simple...

Below you will see an image of a blocked A/C cabin filter. Our previous blog had gone into the health effects a blocked cabin filter caused by mould or foreign matter can create. The other effect of a blocked cabin filter causes reduced air flow through an Air Conditioning part called the Evaporator Core (the part that makes the air cool). Reduced air flow through the Evaporator Core can cause it to "Freeze Up" quite literally freezing over and causing air that was once rushing through the evaporator core to cool, now not be able to penetrate ice and flows around the core resulting in warm air. The other concern is that with the reducing temps prior to "Freeze Up" the temp sensor can see that the inside is getting really cold and force the Air Con system to completely shut off once again resulting in warm air. REMOVE THE CABIN FILTER, CLEAN AND OR REPLACE BEFORE YOU SPEND FURTHER MONEY ON A/C REGASSING OR REPAIRS. Good luck guys!

Mike- ViewMyCar Mobile Mechanics Sunshine Coast.

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