• Mike F

Don't Get SICK!

Your stopped at a set of lights behind a 1990 4wd. Your windows up and your listening to the latest Miley Cyrus track a little to loud! The lights turn green and the 4wd takes off asserting his dominance only to leave you with a cloud of diesel soot blanketing your nice clean ride! All well and good but whats actually stopping that diesel soot or unburnt fuel entering your vehicle through the Air Con vents when not in re-circulation and you and your family breathing it in? The answer is a Cabin Filter and if you don't know what that was, now you do! It's really important to replace on time and ensure that your mechanic is inspecting this filter to ensure its free from contaminants. Another thing, if this filter is blocked (as this one is) it will cause the Air Conditioning to warm up becoming less efficient due to "Freeze Up" this may make you think you need a "ReGas" (another problem we will touch base with later) when all you need is a $20-$40 ish cabin filter. Ever wondered why your car smells a little damp some times? Look no further than your good old pal, the mouldy Cabin Filter (really common for our humid weather in QLD) Thats all from me! ViewMyCar Mobile Mechanic Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore

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